Wednesday 6 November 2013

Halloween Pumpkins 2013

Painted Pumpkins

A great way to use up any old paint or you can get free left over paint from some stores or online sites, it is also work asking on social media sites. I bought myself some yellow tester paints and the rest was given to me via social networking.

Last year I carved my very first pumpkin, which was rather embarrassing, but I did it!
This year I decided to paint my pumpkins instead in the popular craze of some minions from the popular film ‘Despicable Me,’ it took a few coats to get full coverage.

It got some very positive feedback and everyone who stopped by for some treats, commented on them, which I was very grateful for, we were cleaned out of sweets several times and had to raid the cupboards, even though we had stocked up ready for them, some great costumes and polite trick or treat people, next year I need to buy double.


  1. These are absolutely fabulous - what a great idea,

  2. Hahahahaha they are soooo cool , I love them xxx

  3. I love minions!!! These are the best pumpkins I've ever seen! xxx

  4. super cute and they look great Daniƫlle.

    gr karin

  5. Eeekk!! That's too cute! Super adorable pumpkins for the holiday. Love it. Cheers, Holley