Tuesday 19 February 2013

Life Events

Life events big or small can make a huge impact on our lives.

You may have noticed I haven't been blogging as much as I would of liked, but life events have gotten in the way to which I regret.

I have had to resign from my Design Team placements and stop teaching for a while, with life and work, there were a few other things I would have liked/needed to do.
We were suppose to be moving this month but they changed their minds a week beforehand, luckily enough we were allowed to stay where we are now. Following that we found a new house that we also liked the look of, half way between both of our parents which was handy, BUT there was another couple interested, I have good news to report that we were selected and should hopefully be moving in, in the next couple of weeks.
A little more good news which has opened up many more oppitunies in life... I just passed my driving test, so that is another life event completed and hopefully I won't need to do that again.
More life events to come but slowly getting there we will see what life brings next...

For a while now I have wanted a tattoo but wanted something meaningful and something that could be hidden if needed, you may all know that my best friend, pet and lifesaviour sadly passed in November at the age of 7, Arnie the golden Labrador. He meant more than anything or anyone could have, especially the fact I wouldn't of been here now if it wasn't for him.
There was a new tattoo studio opening in our town so on the 8th February 2013 I took the plunge and called them, with the tattoo I had designed myself and got a quote, they fitted me in that evening and now Arnie is a part of me forever :)
(Foot tattoo - covering most of my foot)

Feel free to leave me a comment with any of your life events you have just done, working on or working towards.