About Me

 This is Me!

My Hunk Edward.

The Hairy Bunch + One.

I am Dannii. 20 years old. Natural bottled Redhead. Middle of three. 

This handsome chap up there is Ed. My fiancé. My Partner. My Bestfriend. My life.
Met at a friend’s birthday. Currently renting a house together, with Mitch and Marvin. One day hopefully own our own house. 

Mitch! Terrapin. Pet. Turtle.

Arnie. Gorgeous. Labrador. Intelligent. Also my Bestfriend and love. Family pet at my parents. Saved my life. - Update: Sadly Lost 3rd November 2012 see here for details.

Beanie. Stunning. Rescue dog. He likes to think he owns me, used to steal Ed’s side of the bed and get in with me, hehe! - Update: Sadly Lost July 2013.
Then there is Tilly, the sweet and innocent Staffy Cross, so she thinks! Who likes to get her own way and bullies Beanie. Who HATES storms. Both of whom live with Ed’s mother.

Marvin. Bunny. Furry Friend. Loveable. Great personality. Loves Broccoli - Picture update soon, some can be found on my blog.


I love candles, taking photos, craft, a good bargain, to tidy, walk, and occasionally bake. I enjoy many crafts, Card making, scrapbooking and smash booking, is what I love best. My partner got me into gaming, Xbox and Music is his thing. Only trouble is with Xbox games is there are achievements; I like to get as many as I can on a game and am guilty of playing games just for this very reason!

I never really knew what I wanted to do. But I studied Beauty at college and got a Diploma in Media Make-up. Now I’d like to start and expand on my own crafting business as I have always been quite creative, I loved to draw as a kid. I currently work full time at a cutting and laminating company, who create touch screens and allsorts of screens and buttons, from hospitals to military products, created with glass/plastics and acrylics. I am very lucky to have such nice collegues and bosses.

I hope you will continue with me, on my journey…

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