Friday 21 February 2014

The Isobel Craft Collection

The Isobel Craft Collection opened their Facebook page on 4th December 2013, it is a page for inspiration, craft competitions and special offers. I am a very happy customer from Isobel's January online craft event, fabulous craft items for great prices, dies, stamps, papers, rub-ons and more were listed on the sale.

How it works:
- Join the craft event (liking The Isobel Craft Collection on Facebook will keep you up to date)
- On the night of the event items will be posted with a price, picture and quanity

- If you would like to buy the item, comment on the picture (1 please) 
- If you have ordered items, you will need to email the page with your email address / paypal details
- She will send you an invoice including the postage costs (this isn't much more)
- Pay the invoice

- Recieve your goodies.

I recieved my goodies within a day or two, very quick service and very happy with my goodies and the super bargain prices.

Easy, Fun and Friendly events.

Next sale is on Monday 24th February 2014

Please join us at the Sale and buy some of the items, so I cannot spend anymore! hehe.
See you at the Sale.

Just one of my creations from the products I bought from the sale items.
Tattooed Candle.

DISCLAIMER: I am not connected to The Isobel Craft Collection in anyway, just a delighted customer.