Friday 29 June 2012

Walk and Kitty Card

{I needed my sunglasses at 9pm}

Beautiful evening walk, last night. Just me, Ed and the camera. Well and 3 other walkers, who also brought there DSLR cameras. The lady was taking a picture of the two men walking down the path, turned to me and said, I know I'm sad. I pointed to our camera in the bag and said, yes us too and we laughed :)

I love taking photos, of anything and everything, it is even better when you get some shots you weren't expecting to. Shame that beautiful bird flew low just as we put the camera away. There will be others...

Some sad news yesterday though. Some of my work colleagues' cat passed away. It lived to a great age though at 21. I know how upsetting it was when Arnie went in for his operations, so I couldn't imagine how they must have been feeling. I thought it might be nice to make them a card, beings as they are such a kind and generous couple. The thing about making your own cards is they don't have to be like the average shop bought card; as they can be your own creation any image, any greeting, any age or name on them can even have as much or as little on them as you please. I wanted a simple, fresh card, just to let them know that we were thinking of them.
They seemed to of really appreciated it. I'm glad :)

Backing Papers - Me to you Bear - Especially for you paper pack
Also some plain coloured backing papers from my stash.
Stamp - Strawberry Kisses, Cutie by Crafters Companion
Promarkers: Cat - Pale Pink, Tea Green
Teacup - Vanilla with Pale Pink and Tea Green Pattern
Embellishments - Adhesive Gems
Adhesives - Tape Pen

Sunday 24 June 2012

Raining Strawberries

{In love with my Promarkers more and more}

Raining all night and day
I love the rain, laying in bed and listening to the rain can be so peaceful, the smell of rain can be so refreshing, puddles outside can bring you back to your childhood and no wasps around. Ah how I love the rain.

Well Done to my mum. She has done so well on her weight loss, she looks fantastic and most importantly she feels and acts more confident. She decided to do it on her own and a great job she is doing! We are so proud of her! She hasn't been to see the doctors in awhile and has an appointment tomorrow, I don't think they will recognise her.
I really wanted to make her something to let her know how amazing she is and to congratulate her. I rummaged around my crafting stash but couldn't quite get it right. So went off to read some more blogs and see what others were up to. When it came to me. I was sat at my PC with my bowl of Strawberries and BINGO! That was it!
My gorgeous Summer Goodness papers by Raspberry Road Designs sat in the draw itching to be used, would work perfectly with Stella Strawberry Stamp; who I adore colouring in, not even that, I was sure I had some strawberry charms somewhere among my charm collection.
I really love the effects created with Promarkers, so much so I have way too many! I don't usually shade so much as never thought I could get the effect everyone else does. But I grabbed a mixture of colours and experimented and this was my first attempt and went with it. It turned out better than I had imaged, using 9 colours and it not look patchy at all. I am really enjoying using my Promarkers so much more now and can't wait to sit down and have another play with them!

Backing Papers - Summer Goodness Pack from Raspberry Road Designs
Stamp - Stella Strawberry from Kraftin Kimmie Stamps
Promarkers: Hair - Cocoa, Caramel and Vanilla
Face - Oatmeal and Sunkissed Pink
Clothing - Pear Green, Grass and Poppy
Embellishments - Charm, Adhesive Gems and Paper Thread
Adhesives - Tape Pen, Silicone Glue and Staples for a no drying solution.

Saturday 16 June 2012

Dinner, Theory, Blog Candy

{This weekend will and has been a busy one.}

After work last night I had a driving lesson, then we headed over to our friend's new house for a dinner. It was a very pleasant evening, lovely house and even got to see their gorgeous lad before he went to bed.

This morning I was up early so I had time to wake up properly and make sure I had everything for my Theory Test. Started to feel a little nervous before I actually sat in my seat to start, but all went well and I passed!

Outside of the Test Centre I thought I should let my parents and Ed know the results, then did a spot of shopping before having to get the bus home.

Just popped on here before having to get going to travel to Ed's Grandma's 80th Birthday 2 hours away. Happy Birthday May!

Now for what you have all been waiting for! Blog Candy!
Which contains:
  2 Sheets of Me to You Bear A5 Die-cut Greetings
  1 Sheet of Me to You Bear Outline Stickers
 1 Sheet of A Christmas Tale Forever Friends Foiled colour stickers
 4 Sheets of White with Gold Peel-offs
 4 Sets of Honey and Hugs Clear Stamps (includes 36 Stamps)
♥ 1 Pack of 6x6 Paper (includes 48 Sheets)
♥ 1 Pack of Bright Buttons (30g bag)
♥ 1 Box storage box filled with gemstones
♥ and a selection of Chipboard greetings.
I will most probably add a few more extras in including papers etc.

- Each of my blogs you follow equals 1 entry per blog (I have 2 Blogs - Personal and business)
- Post a picture of my Candy on your sidebar linked back to my blog
- Comment on this post including which of my blogs you are following
- Winner will be announced on my birthday if we have enough entries 
Good Luck!

I would love it if you could take a look and comment on some of my other posts, but this is not necessary.

Dannii's Dairies (You are here)

Prize Draw starts Saturday 16th June 2012 4pm GMT and will continue until Tuesday 7th August 2012. I have the right to withdraw my prize at any time. I have the right to add anything to my draw. This draw is in no way in conjunction with Blogger or Facebook. Prize is open Worldwide. Postage cost is covered by the prize drawer (Dannii). Winner will be decided by either numbers on paper selection or a number generator site, this will be chosen nearer the time. Prize winner will be contacted and must be claimed within 2 weeks or a new winner will be selected. Prizes are completely new items, but some of the stamps have been tested.

Sunday 10 June 2012

First Smash, Using Clippings

{Crafting doesn't have to be expensive}

As most of you know, I have a passion for crafts, my latest new love and find is Smash booking. (A smash book is like a Scrapbook but but messier! Where you log your items, things, tickets and journal, lots of great fun!)
Crafting items and products can be very expensive to buy though and isn't at all a cheap hobby. But Smash booking doesn't have to be expensive...

For my first title page, in my black book I have used, scraps, Magazine/Catalog clippings and 3 embellishments (gems, a button and a flower) I picked up my free catalog at a local store. Also a stamped image.

As the first page in the book next to my vellum sheet was light blue, which I am not sure if it is suppose to be used as a page but I am making the most of my book! I found some beautiful blue and turquoise scraps in my scrap draw. Looking though the catalog there was lots of purple and turquoise bed covers and some great words which were also blue and purple, so I used these colours as my base colours. Also whilst looking through my scraps draw there was a piece of yellow that kept grabbing my eye, so I thought that this would be great standing out of my page beings as the other colours were a lot darker. I found a yellow button to match - everyone has spare buttons laying around or on old clothes they don't want. There are even some cheap items of clothing in a charity shop you could cut them off of. I love buttons and have bought loads so it was good to get some use out of them.

I laid out my items, kept moving them around. Left it for awhile, came back to see if I still liked it and stuck them all down. Using my Bigshot I cut out some letters from Sizzlits Bounce letters collection. Cut out the middle of the large A and stuck them down.
Something wasn't quite right and thought I needed an image. I adore the gorgeous girl stamps and love colouring them in. I chose to use, Sunkissed Pink Promarker for the skin tone, Coca Promarker for the hair colour, Amethyst and Denim Blue Promarker for the dress and tights.

First Smash book page complete. Onto the next...

Thursday 7 June 2012

Love, Shop, Movie

{Sometimes you just surprise yourself}

The Alarm gave us a freight this morning. Then we realised! 


After work I went over to my parents, spent sometime catching up. Then Ed came and collected us both (My Brother, Andy and I, that cheeky fella up there; taken when he stayed over ours, which is most weekends)

We had dinner back at ours, Chicken Fajita Wraps, with salsa.

Then it was back in the car, passing a clothes shop just before it closed. 
I actually used the changing room, tried some jeans on and bought them! That may seem the average for everyone else, but that was a real achievement for me. At one point I would never of done that, I don't usually like spending money on myself and never usually think I look good in anything, let alone even think about trying it on. Looks like we're heading in the right direction!

Pulling up in the car park next to the cinema, heading in, we queued for the tickets. To our surprise we were able to claim our money back from the car park as we were viewing a film with them. Bonus! We also had Orange Wednesdays (two for one if you are with a certain phone company on Wednesdays) also an Odeon Card to claim points to add up to rewards; such as free tickets. Next time we will have enough for a free viewing :D
We never usually buy food or drinks at the cinema but we thought we would treat ourselves and Andy, getting some chocolate Munchies, sweet popcorn, Andy had orange Tango drink and Ed and I went for a 7up lemonade to drink.

Men in Black 3 was a brilliant film, but in my opinion not as good as the other two. The 3D effect was extremely high quality though. This film helped explain the first two, if you have seen the first two, you MUST see the third. If you haven't seen the first two, I would recommend you see them before this one as it sums it up and is a great addition to the trilogy. I just hope they leave it to this one as it would be a great ending, they have left it so it could either finish here or another one could be made. I could say so much more positive things about this film but I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet. I would love to know what you all make of it.

Nice hot shower and bed for me I think...

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Woodland Wanders

{Walking in the woods can seem magical yet mysterious.}

Woke up this morning, haven gotten ready some items that I have sold by the front door. Nothing like grabbing a good bargain or having a good clear out to let others get a great deal!
Once they came to collect their stuff we head off down town to check out the Jubilee market. Our town usually holds a market on Tuesdays. This market didn’t look much different although there was a magician and a Fire engine, so great for little kids!
Failing that we headed into town, grabbing a few pictures of the town hall for my Smash buddies postcards and got some shopping for what we needed for tonight.

Shopping put away. Grabbed out camera, put on some suitable shoes, warm fleece under my jacket, grabbed some lunch on the go and head on into Whiteleaf Woods! At the top there are some amazing views. Lots of people had the same idea and stood to shoot some shots of the scenery. One kid bought his kite. Lots of dog walkers, roaming with their dogs.
I love how even though there were so many people out, it was still so very calm and peaceful. Trees swaying gently in the wind. All the different type of trees. All the different types of leaves. So magical and mystical.


Having invited some neighbours over for dinner, Ed started on the Cottage Pie, whilst I set up the table. The scent of Pink Sands – Yankee Candle in the air.

Ding Dong.

Chattered and watched Mitch, afterwards headed over to theirs; as they had lemon cake freshly baked in the oven, yummy it was too!

Headed to the Movie store to rent a movie and sat on the Sofa with Toffee Popcorn.
Wasn’t too sure on our film choice with ‘Man on the Ledge’ because what can there be to a film that is all about a man on a ledge. Haha. But thoroughly enjoyed it, as I was pleasantly surprised. Would probably rate this film a 7/10 and think it is worth the watch.

Back to work tomorrow…

Tuesday 5 June 2012


Many of you may already know that I have another blog. Danniiz Designz. Where I share tutorials, cards and enter challenges and blog candy.

So you may be wondering why another?

Even though I love to blog. There isn't that many regular posts on my other blog. As my other blog was created to link with my Danniiz Designz Facebook Page and become part of a business. I don't always get the chance to create any new cards or feel the need to write about it.

Here. However.
I can share my day, week, year with you all. On a more personal basis. There have been things I have been meaning to do, would like to do or just don't get the time to do. This is where I can make time! Enjoy, inspire and share. I will also be able to log my goals with a Goal list - of things I wish to achieve within a week, a month, years or even a lifetime.

I struggle sometimes through life and don't want to dwell. I feel this will help me in someway and to leave behind - leave out the negativity in my life and concentrate on the good things.

Be positive. Be happy. Become a better, more confident person and maybe not have so much hatred towards myself.

Here the journey begins...