Sunday 26 May 2013

A post from Marvin.

Hello my name is Marvin!
I was adopted from a rescue centre (Tiny Paws Rehoming) on 14/04/13.
My Mother was a Mini lop and Father was a Netherland, I am Black in colour and very soft.
You may have briefly met me on a couple of posts back!
I was with my brother but he kept getting in my way and he kept saying I was getting in his, so we went our separate ways.

I now have some human parents which I love my cuddles from, my favourite thing to do is sit on my mothers shoulders, I also love jumping on and off furniture. I do love a good sneak behind things and try to get into things when my parents aren't looking, but they tell me off when they catch me, it is great to have a chase around the lounge too, although they don't always seem to be enjoying themselves...
I did have a nibble on the internet cable once but then there wasn't any internet... I don't know what could have happened, I was just having a spot of lunch.

Exploring is brilliant but I have to stay near my mummy if I'm in an unknown territory, as mummy can get hurt first - then I know not to go there. After all what-else is she for!
Daddy tends to feed me and clean out my double hutch, whilst mummy keeps an eye on me, I don't like my run much or my lead but either way I get to sit on the lawn for a little while and enjoy some fresh air.

I've just started eating when I am out and about in-front of people I LOVE brocolli but I often get a carrot to nibble on. People do make a marvelous climbing frame and obstacle course.

I had my first trip to the vets the other day, they said that I was very friendly and am very healthy, but I was unsure and kept jumping onto mummy for saftey. They did this thing that they called 'microchipping' it stung a little but they said it would be much safer to have it done, encase I went for a little trip on my own sometime. That trip sounds like fun and the fact that they said it would help me get back home makes it even better, maybe.... nah I like my happy home too much at the moment maybe another time. ;-)

You can catch me exploring a little in my video below... woohoo I'm a film-star!

It was great to meet you all, I'm off for a little nap... catch you again sometime or will you catch me?!

Signed ~~~ The Marvinator. ~~~

Saturday 25 May 2013

Whipsnade Zoo

A day out at Whipsnade Zoo.
The sun was shining.
Great Company.
Perfect day out.
Bedfordshire, England.