Sunday 29 December 2013

Christmas Diary - Company and Creations

Our first 6ft (fake) tree went up in our new house this year.
Our first Christmas here :)
1st December 2013

Colleagues all received a card and a handmade gingerbread man each from myself.
My partners work also received some gingerbread but this time homemade angels.

I bought some cutters and the ingredients to make a gingerbread house, this isn't something I had done before, but the gingerbread men and angels when down a treat and I thought this would be a great project for me and my partner to do around Christmas.

It was all going well until he dropped the roof of the gingerbread house, onto the kitchen counter and it snapped in three. Running out of time we put our ruin gingerbread house together, hehe.

I had to work on Christmas eve but booking the afternoon off we braved the large shopping centre to pick up any extra gifts and make sure all the wrapping was done.

07.30 - Work
12:00 - Shopping Centre
15:00 - Wrapping

07.30 - Christmas morning I was woken up by a text from my Mum, waiting eagerly at her house for us to arrive and for my siblings to arise from there 'pits' as she put it haha.
09:15 - We went over to exchange gifts at my father-in-laws house and wish him a Merry Christmas.
09:45 - Christmas day was continued at my parents house.
Opening gifts, consuming snacks, eating dinner and the Christmas nap during the film.

I have been so spoilt this year and there wasn't one present I wouldn't use, display or eat.

Gingerbread House:
Although our ruin wasn't very attractive and may have some structural damage it managed to survive the journey over and was consumed rather quickly and appreciated by my family. I was maybe thinking of passing on next years 'new tradition' but then I realised it can only be better, right?

11:30 - We headed to my partner's fathers house to pick him up, we had booked a Christmas dinner, at a near by restaurant and had a beautiful Christmas with him.
13:20 - After dropping his father home, we had to release the rabbit for a couple of hours whilst packing.
16:30 - Our four hour journey began to the mother-in-laws house, Beautiful Yorkshire Cottage.
Where the in-laws and their partners were and this little beauty below :D

Beautiful couple of days spent up north, even though the weather started off horrendously with the strong winds, being battered as we walked in the woods and explored, having a cuddle with some horses near by.

Even bought some crafting goodies!

Yesterday's entertainment was this sweet little gift from the older sister-in-law, which I wasn't sure if I would actually use. (Glue and scissors not included)
Beings as there is no instructions, I was a little confused what I could do, with the limited amount of products that came with it, but I actually enjoyed creating 'Peggy and Stella' trying to use different things on the both of them. They will now be my little mascots on my crafting desk and strangly they have made me want to 'get my crafty on' again.

I am hoping to spend the last few days I have off of work and enjoy some crafts that I haven't had the time or mojo for.
Already ordered lots more crafting goodies this morning - not that a full craftroom is already enough? hehe.

Happy Crafting, I hope you all had a great Christmas and continue to enjoy. Happy New Year to you all.
Thank you for all the love, support, comments and even creations that you share on your blogs too.
I hope to be posting ATLEAST once a month next year, with a new creative project each post.

See you in the New Year, wishing you a healthy and happy new year.

xxx Dannii xxx