Thursday 2 August 2012

Meet Mitch

{Mitch has a new tank and items, he isn't sure what to make of them.}

Some of you already know about my little fella, Mitch. Here is a short video of him a few weeks after he arrived home, only the size of a twenty pence piece...

Name: Mitch Burton-Spencer Reason: None just suited him with our surnames of course :)
Age: 5-6 months Adopted: Monday 2nd April 2012
Species: Turtle/Terrapin meaning small turtle
Breed: Common Musk

Favourite place: On top of the filter
Food: Frozen mashed up Frozen Fish and worms but he loves Reptomin pellets.
Loves: being brushed with a toothbrush :)
One of my favourite memories so far is when he used to sleep clung onto the edge of his rock and swaying with the water whilst asleep.

You may be wondering, why a turtle? Well...
Me and my partner have had dogs most our lives, but we are currently renting. We aren't allowed dogs and it wouldn't be fair to keep one right now with us both working full time etc. We wanted a pet, something between us, not a fish, we wanted something with personality, not that fish doesn't have one ;) and that is what we have! Mitch is a lovable but can be very stupid sometimes but he is growing up fast. Hence the new tank.
We decorated the new tank with a picture across the back but silly little Mitch keeps trying to climb them, they are NOT real rocks! 
We had his rocks in it to start with [Photo 1] but have now changed them for a turtle ramp [Photo 3] We added it in about an hour ago and he doesn't know what to do, hes gone under it, around it, smelt it, stared at it but not yet ventured onto it, lets hope he warms to it soon :)

Thank you for meeting Mitch. I would love to keep you updated on how he gets on and grows. I would be happy to answer any questions anyone has about him :)

3 Most commonly asked questions: 
Can he be held? The answer is Yes.
You can pick him up but cannot put him down anywhere as he loves the water, spends most of his time under and in the water so he will just try and run to find water.
Does he bite? The answer is Yes and No.
They can bite and have very sharp beak like mouths, in the video you can see how well he bit through the frozen food and that was when he was very small! But he hasn't bitten us yet and hope not to find out or loose a finger over it, he is very friendly but don't go teasing him with fingers as you may not have any left!
Can he breath under water? The answer is No.
He can spend a lot of time underwater but comes up for air. He sleeps under the water either on top of his filter or clung onto the side of the rock but he will have just his nostrils out of the top of the water.


  1. Aw how cute is this. Thank you for sharing.

    Linda xxx

  2. Thank Dannii I didn't know much at all about turtles particularly as pets and I so love seeing and hearing about other peoples pet and why they chose them. xx

  3. Mitch is very cute Danni, I guess you know that they can grow to an enormous size (ours was 10" long fully grown)! Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog, much appreciated. A x

  4. He`s a real cutie. Chris xx

  5. He is soooo cute :-) I'd have to stick some flat back gems on his shell lol
    Huggles Lisa xxx

  6. awww how lovely is Mitch! I love all the info on him and the photos are fabulous.