Saturday 1 August 2015

Fruit Smoothies

After missing out on the free Blend Active on a local selling site, I saw another for sale. 
I hadn't heard of it before, only similar blenders which were ridiculously hard to clean or where I wouldn't think I would use it enough to warrant the price. 

Doing my online research I found a brand new one for a similar price. This blender particularly appealed to me because the bottle was attached to the blender and it was all blended in the bottle, ready to consume, easy. 

The offer I found was for the family pack, 2x 300ml bottle and 2x 600ml bottles. I thought it was worth a whirl, considering I wanted to try and have more smoothies, something easy I could eat/drink in the mornings to keep me going throughout the day.

Here are the first two recipes I tried out and throughly enjoyed, I weaned myself in easy with fruits and flavours I enjoy - raspberries and strawberries.

Berry Banana Smoothie
8 raspberries (8cal) 
6 blackberries (12cal)
100g Greek non fat yoghurt (55cal)
1 large banana (154cal)
300ml Apple Juice (130cal) 

Total of 359 calories per 600ml bottle 
Half the recipe for 300ml bottle (178calories)

Strawberry Kiwi Breakfast Shake
100g non fat Greek yogurt (55cal)
1 Morrison's wheat biscuit (64cal)
3 medium strawberries (12cal)
1 small banana (106cal)
1 kiwi (42cal)
A touch of water to help it blend

Total of 279cal for 300ml

I can't wait to try out some more.
I may have 'accidentally' bought a lot of things to try out - chia seeds, coconut water, almond milk, lots of greens...

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