Wednesday 6 June 2012

Woodland Wanders

{Walking in the woods can seem magical yet mysterious.}

Woke up this morning, haven gotten ready some items that I have sold by the front door. Nothing like grabbing a good bargain or having a good clear out to let others get a great deal!
Once they came to collect their stuff we head off down town to check out the Jubilee market. Our town usually holds a market on Tuesdays. This market didn’t look much different although there was a magician and a Fire engine, so great for little kids!
Failing that we headed into town, grabbing a few pictures of the town hall for my Smash buddies postcards and got some shopping for what we needed for tonight.

Shopping put away. Grabbed out camera, put on some suitable shoes, warm fleece under my jacket, grabbed some lunch on the go and head on into Whiteleaf Woods! At the top there are some amazing views. Lots of people had the same idea and stood to shoot some shots of the scenery. One kid bought his kite. Lots of dog walkers, roaming with their dogs.
I love how even though there were so many people out, it was still so very calm and peaceful. Trees swaying gently in the wind. All the different type of trees. All the different types of leaves. So magical and mystical.


Having invited some neighbours over for dinner, Ed started on the Cottage Pie, whilst I set up the table. The scent of Pink Sands – Yankee Candle in the air.

Ding Dong.

Chattered and watched Mitch, afterwards headed over to theirs; as they had lemon cake freshly baked in the oven, yummy it was too!

Headed to the Movie store to rent a movie and sat on the Sofa with Toffee Popcorn.
Wasn’t too sure on our film choice with ‘Man on the Ledge’ because what can there be to a film that is all about a man on a ledge. Haha. But thoroughly enjoyed it, as I was pleasantly surprised. Would probably rate this film a 7/10 and think it is worth the watch.

Back to work tomorrow…

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