Tuesday 5 June 2012


Many of you may already know that I have another blog. Danniiz Designz. Where I share tutorials, cards and enter challenges and blog candy.

So you may be wondering why another?

Even though I love to blog. There isn't that many regular posts on my other blog. As my other blog was created to link with my Danniiz Designz Facebook Page and become part of a business. I don't always get the chance to create any new cards or feel the need to write about it.

Here. However.
I can share my day, week, year with you all. On a more personal basis. There have been things I have been meaning to do, would like to do or just don't get the time to do. This is where I can make time! Enjoy, inspire and share. I will also be able to log my goals with a Goal list - of things I wish to achieve within a week, a month, years or even a lifetime.

I struggle sometimes through life and don't want to dwell. I feel this will help me in someway and to leave behind - leave out the negativity in my life and concentrate on the good things.

Be positive. Be happy. Become a better, more confident person and maybe not have so much hatred towards myself.

Here the journey begins...

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